Russian honey bees/Hybrid honey bee queens  

Nucleus colonies will be available first or second week of April. Order nucleus colonies in the fall before bee stock is limited.

At our store in Frederick, MD you can find all the bee supplies you need. We offer a selection of wooden bee hives and beekeeping tools from                                                                     

Queen bees will be available next


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Nuc Bee Colonies 

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John Klapac has been a beekeeper for more than 25 years. He has experience breeding queen bees in Russia and the United States. John is a bee equipment retailer for Mann Lake Ltd and Martin Bee Supplies. At our beekeeping supplies store in Frederick, MD there is a variety of mite treatments available including Apistan, HopGuard 2, Mite-Away Quick Strips and other treatment methods. Call us before stopping by to check for availability!