Bee Production & Beekeeping Supply Store in Frederick, MD

Western Maryland Apiaries is a fully operational bees and bee supplies store located in Frederick, MD. Our specialty is queen production and nucleus colony production. Beekeeper, John Klapac, has been a beekeeper for over 43 years and is the current Apicology instructor at Hagerstown Community College. He is currently participating in the Penn State E.P.I,G. honey bee development program. He has experience breeding queen bees in Russia and the United States. John is a bee equipment retailer for MannLake LTD , Southeastern Bee Supply, Martin Bee Supplies and Propolis Canada. At our beekeeping supplies store in Frederick, MD there is a variety of mite treatments available including ApistanHopGuard 2Mite-Away Quick Strips and other treatment methods. Call us before stopping by to check for availability!